Effective energy and environmental consultancy services from Entro

Entro is an energy- and environmental consultancy firm with two clients – our customers and the environment. We save our customers time and money, and we help the environment by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints.

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Our business concept

Entro makes businesses more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our vision

We will be the best guide to the hidden value of energy conservation and environmental work.

Our role

The world is facing major environmental challenges. There is a lot of talk about what should be done.

Goals and strategies

Our growth and profitability

Entro shall operate a robust and profitable business.
We shall experience at least a 10 per cent growth in sales and an operating margin of at least 8 per cent at all times.

We aim to have an equity ratio of over 35 per cent.

Our staff

Entro strives to maintain an attractive working environment. Our staff are a strategic priority area, and we want to be a “Great Place to Work”.

We believe that the better we treat our staff, the better it will be to be a customer.

Our competence

Our expertise is our livelihood.

We aim to have internationally recognised competence in our field.

Our main competitive advantage is our unique blend of expertise within engineering, economics and management.

Customer position

We have several local offices and serve large national clients. That’s why we have developed “best practices” that we all follow for our deliveries and we all work according to the same methodology.

Everyone who works at Entro puts themselves in our “customer’s position”. In other words, we consistently try to find solutions that most benefit our customers – and that make financial sense.