The world is facing major environmental and climate challenges related to energy consumption and waste management

By signing the Paris Agreement, Norway has committed to reducing energy consumption by 27% by 2030.

At Entro, we take two perspectives on our work – both from the customer’s standpoint and from an environmental point of view. We want both of these perspectives to have an impact on our work.

Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER)

Eco Lighthouse

Entro is a certified Eco Lighthouse in Norway. It is a sign of quality meaning that we, in our own facilities, have a strong environmental focus.

Corporate social responsibility

Few businesses can demonstrate greater social responsibility than Entro. Our core business is to help our customers reduce their environmental impact. We contribute to reducing our customers’ energy consumption by several hundred million kilowatt hours – every year!


We work according to strict ethics policies, and our parent company Entro Group has comprehensive documentation on its anti-corruption efforts.

Our work

We show our customers the hidden value of energy conservation and environmental work

In 2015, we saved our customers NOK 400 million, with a turnover of NOK 60 million. The difference goes straight to our customers’ bottom lines.

Our interests are completely aligned with our customers, and we always take the customer’s position when we take on assignments. Only then can we guarantee the profitability of all our projects. We believe that there is always somewhere you can reduce your energy consumption and save money. If not, we will not accept the assignment.

In the construction industry, savings can amount to 20–25%. Our customers experience financial benefits right from the first year and increase their profitability annually for many years to come. If investments need to be made, we also provide assistance for applications to Enova.

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We provide factual, targeted advice and assistance in the implementation of measures.

Our proprietary energy monitoring system Entro Optima gives you a comprehensive overview of factors related to energy consumption, the environment and waste management.

Entro Optima functions as a decision support tool for building owners, managers, grid operators and power suppliers.

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Our work boosts your reputation

Eco-friendly premises can be rented out at better rates and our customers attract talented and conscientious employees.

This gives you a competitive advantage in an increasingly discerning market, where environmental impact is an evaluation criteria when choosing a supplier

We work with 25 of the 100 largest companies in Norway.

Our customers include large and small property owners and property managers in both the private and public sectors, as well as in the industrial sector.

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