Our customers have lower energy costs, lower energy consumption and lower emissions than others.

Why is that?

This is our specialty. We spend all our time working on these questions. And not least, we follow our own methodology, which we have developed over many years. Our methodology is unique and is based on four main pillars.

Entro’s methodology


We collect large amounts of data when we work with an enterprise to identify and analyse issues related to energy consumption. We collect both static data and running operational data.


We make extensive use of computer technology in our consultancy work – both for data collection and processing. This enables us to work efficiently and produce highly precise results.

Value creating

Our projects operate at a profit. We constantly focus on profitability in our services. We document profitability based on facts, not guesswork.


We work in close contact with our customers. That always produces the best results.

Information technology

Entro monitors and collects operating data from thousands of buildings in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We use advanced technology to collect data on an hourly basis. This data is subsequently processed into valuable information. We send this information back to building owners, property managers, advisors and consultants, where it forms the basis for implementing ongoing operational measures, technical improvements and other services. This information includes documentation related to e.g. energy consumption, waste streams, carbon footprint and finances.


As our customer, you have access to specialists in a variety of fields. Our staff are a dynamic combination of trade specialists and academics within the fields of electrical engineering, HVAC, construction, the environment, IT and economics.

Our people have a long history in the industry and have experienced most challenges and issues related to energy consumption.

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Stian Vollan-Hansen Entro

We provide a variety of services, including construction management, invoice control and technical operational support. We contribute with our expertise and capacity.

We allow our customers to focus on their core business, confident in our 100% professional approach and with the knowledge that things will get done on time.

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