Customers with common goals in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Having the desire to reduced energy costs is the best possible environmental profile and is a goal shared by all our customers. We see that this is true whether your buildings are for commercial use, for public administration or for industrial production.

At Entro, we have honed our expertise on commercial buildings, public buildings and industrial activities.

According to Statistics Norway, commercial buildings in Norway consume about 29 TWh – 29 billion kilowatt-hours – per year. At Entro, our experience is that this is 20 to 30 per cent too much, and our view is supported by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Enova and SINTEF. In other words, Norwegian enterprises that make use of commercial buildings overpay for their energy by at least NOK 5 billion annually – not because electricity prices are too high, but because the buildings are not optimised with respect to energy consumption.

Our customers


We have nearly 8,000 buildings registered in our database with details on building spaces and energy consumption. This means that we can easily evaluate whether your energy consumption is high, medium or low.

All buildings have the potential to realise considerable benefits by optimising energy use, which will in turn provide building users with a good indoor climate at the same time as ensuring proper energy consumption.

Public sector

A good many Norwegian municipalities use our energy monitoring system Optima. This means that we can easily compare your school buildings or nursing homes with similar buildings to help you find the buildings and areas that offer the greatest potential savings.

Municipal buildings often have special operating hours and face challenges that are often a little different than in traditional office buildings.


For years, the industrial sector has been focusing on optimising their processes to reduce energy consumption.

At Entro, we work with a number of industrial companies in various segments, and we see a company’s energy consumption from a holistic perspective. We see that there is a lot of waste and that, unfortunately, many do not have a complete overview of the problem, but with minor adjustments, we know that you can enjoy massive savings.