We provide factual, targeted advice and assistance in the implementation of measures

Saving energy and the environment demands experience and expertise in multiple fields. Entro has over 25 years of experience, an outstanding multidisciplinary team of experts and a unique mix of practical and academic competencies. We work with electricity purchasing, we have employees with technical and financial expertise, as well as experience in organisation and management. This puts us in a position to be able to communicate well with all levels of the customer’s organisation.

Consultancy services

Energy management

Entro assists with the process of establishing well-functioning energy and environmental management in your enterprise. For some the goal may be certification in accordance with ISO 14001 or ISO 50001, while others may only want to ensure that their energy consumption is under control and that the enterprise has an environmental focus that gives a good reputation. Does your company take corporate social responsibility seriously enough?

Energy programme

Customers who implement our energy programme will gain control of their energy use and, within 3–4 years, will experience a 15–30 per cent reduction in their consumption compared with initial values. We adapt our energy programme to the needs of each individual customer so that you can implement the necessary measures to get your energy costs under control and effectively reduce your energy consumption.

Energy efficiency analyses and measures

Entro has long experience with identifying improvement potential with a view to energy consumption. We will conduct an inspection that will result in a report that will give a status for the building, and the improvement potentials that have been identified, including financial estimates for the various measures.

Environmental consultancy

Many enterprises want to measure and improve their environmental performance. At Entro, we can provide advice and solutions for environmental monitoring. We can take on the role of an environmental department, survey all the environmental factors, and assist you with a number of tasks, including guiding your enterprise through environmental certification. Our environmental consulting is based on the quality wheel, which involves the fundamental principles of surveying relevant factors, formulating goals, implementing measures and evaluating results.


Entro can submit periodic reports in line with your needs. We collect data, structure the content and perform benchmarking for your enterprise based on selected energy and environmental parameters.

Energy labelling

Entro performs energy labelling for all types of buildings. An energy label shows a building’s energy standard and is calculated independently of the building’s use. Everyone is required by law to conduct energy labelling in connection with the sale or rental of a non-residential building. In addition, all non-residential buildings over 1,000 m2 must always have a valid energy certificate. It is the owner of the building who is responsible for ensuring that energy labelling is carried out.

Operational optimisation

Entro provides assistance with controlling and adjusting the operational situation for individual buildings. This ensures the optimal operation of existing buildings in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and consumption. We always transfer our knowledge to the building’s operations manager for future reference. The financial benefits are immediate.

Waste management consulting

A well-functioning waste management system can bring you significant savings. Does your enterprise have optimal delivery terms for waste? Do you have the right equipment? Are you confident that you are not paying for unnecessary waste removal services? In our experience, many stand to improve their waste management systems and achieve reduced costs, a higher recycling rate and a lower environmental impact.

Measuring projects

In order to accurately analyse energy consumption levels, it is important to properly measure the energy flows in the building/facility. Energy measurement is complicated and involves many disciplines. Entro specialises in managing measurement projects, and we take responsibility for the entire project from start to finish.

Consultancy services for electricity purchasing

Purchasing power is a complex process that requires market expertise. For many of our customers, electricity represents a significant cost that is important to keep under control. Entro is completely independent of power suppliers and we provide consulting services with a view to helping our customers analyse their energy requirements and find the right purchasing strategy based on the risk profile and predictability that you need. Entro can assist you with all aspects of the purchasing process and we negotiate with all power suppliers in the market. For years, we have helped many of Norway’s leading property companies to negotiate good power contracts.