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Existing buildings are the most important!

For DNB Næringseiendom AS, energy conservation work is important to its competitiveness, and the key lies in the existing buildings. This is what Gro K. Boge, the manager of DNB Næringseiendom, says in an interview with NE nyheter.

DNB Næringseiendom has been a strategic partner of Entro for a number of years. During a period of six years, the company has saved energy equivalent to NOK 175 million.

In the interview with NE nyheter, a website that provides daily news on commercial property, she points out that the most important environmental measure for commercial property is to upgrade the existing buildings.

Incentives must be used where they have an effect

“The environmental benefits of renovating existing buildings are much greater than building a few signal buildings. It is important to have incentives that contribute to improving the existing buildings so that they are greener. That is where the greatest potential lies”, she says to NE nyheter.

In the interview, which you can read in its entirely here, Boge has some interesting reflections on energy-positive buildings, green leases and the reputation benefits of work with energy conservation.

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