Europris saves energy

Petter Wilskow, HR & Legal Director, and Johnny Steiro, Manager Store Services, at Europris are very satisfied: “As a major player in the discount market, we have a social responsibility. We wanted to save energy and we ended up also saving a lot of money.”

In collaboration with Entro, Europris has reduced energy consumption in its stores by 13% in three years. That is a savings of 6.3 million kWh, or about NOK 4.7 million per year. To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to half of the output of all the solar cells installed in Norway!

They have achieved these savings by operating their stores more efficiently – without making a single investment. Entro’s role is to monitor energy consumption in stores by using the Optima system, and to provide technical consultancy services.

Europris is very satisfied with the cooperation, and is now expanding Entro’s role to include waste management. Now all 240 Europris stores will be closely monitored to ensure that they separate as much waste at the source as possible and thereby reduce the amount of residual waste. That way they can help save the environment – and money. The chain’s efforts to reduce energy consumption will continue. “We want to thank all our great employees, who have had an increased focus on energy efficiency. This is something we should all be really proud of,” said Petter and Johnny.


6.3 GWh/year in savings. (12-month’s rolling temperature adjusted consumption)


In 2015, Norway had installed more than 15,000 kW of potential power. This corresponds to approximately 12 GWh/year.