Green buildings are worth more

Green buildings have a higher value – for the owner, tenant and environment!

The Entro Seminar gathered premise providers, experts and several of the largest property actors in Norway together for the first time. The theme for this year’s seminar was the profitability of making existing buildings greener.

E.C. Dahls Eiendom, DNB Næringseiendom and Entra ASA, which are three of the major, trendsetting actors in real estate and energy conservation, presented a case in which they told about their work in this field from different perspectives.

Green buildings have a higher value

There was a clear message that everyone shared: Placing energy on the agenda has a positive effect on finances, reputation and the environment.

Trond Simonsen, who is the head of environment and engineering at Entra, presented documentation showing that green buildings have a higher property value. A modern, green building gives up to 20% higher rental income and up to a 25% higher sales price compared with ordinary buildings.

Good panel debate

Entro also gathered some of the actors together for a panel debate. In the debate, Marius Holm, who is the CEO of Zero, was clear in his recommendations to the authorities.

“The incentives for realising terawatt hours from buildings should be just as great as the building of new wind power installations, for example. We can easily find three terawatts in existing buildings over the course of the next ten years at a reasonable cost.”

Holm stresses that he supports wind power projects, and points out that the imminent Fosen development is a good project.

Regulations must not prevent renovation

He also says that the incentives for the renovation of commercial buildings are not good, and that it is not necessarily an upgrade of the current technical standard that is the solution in order to obtain benefits.

“If you renovate a building completely, it is the most recent building regulations that apply, and my impression is that one floor at a time is taken to avoid the strict requirements.”

This assertion brought out knowing laughter in the room, and Erlend Simonsen, Chief Technical Officer of DNB Næringseiendom confirmed forthright: “Yes, that’s completely right!” He commented further that you get a lot more for your money if you renovate the entire building, and not just floor by floor.

He also emphasised during the debate that we have more existing buildings than anything else, and that user behaviour means a lot:

“Maybe we do not need so much air? Maybe we do not need so much light? We do not have to do things the way we have always done before.”

Marit Tyholt from Skanska commented that the building regulation must be functionally oriented and not specific regarding solutions. She makes reference to an example from Kjørbo, where the air quality requirements were satisfied with far less air flow than required by the regulations.

Very positive feedback

Entro conducted a satisfaction survey immediately after the seminar, and as many as 92% said that they would return next year. The participants also gave positive feedback on the professional relevance and social benefits of the seminar.

CEO Børge Nilsen of Entro was of course very satisfied with the first ever Entro seminar.

“In spite of the fact that this is the first time we organised this, we managed to attract several of the trendsetting actors, both as participants and speakers, which can give an indication that we inspire a lot of confidence.”