LOS Energy Award 2016

“We are looking for businesses at the forefront of energy optimisation and which could inspire others,” said Andreas Myhre, Power Trading Manager at LOS Energy. The LOS Energy Award will be awarded at LOS Energy Day, on 22 November at the Hotel Continental in Oslo. A jury consisting of representatives from the energy and environmental consultancy firm Entro, the environmental organisation Zero and LOS Energy will evaluate the candidates. The only criteria for participation are that candidates’ annual energy consumption must be at least 10 GWh and that the energy-saving measures have been implemented over the past three years.

“It is more important than ever to showcase inspiring businesses that dare to take a chance. They are an extremely important contribution to the green shift, and part of our shared responsibility to cultivate a renewable society,” said Mr Myhre, who wants to inspire more people to adopt new technologies to use energy more efficiently.

IKEA Norge leads the way

IKEA Norge won the LOS Energy Award last year in the category of best private enterprise. In 2015, they managed to save 1.3 GWh, and this year it looks like they will be able do the same. Last year, the jury stated: “This year’s winner has worked systematically to save energy for many years. They focus both on sustainable energy sources and on efficient energy use.”

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IKEA Norge won the LOS Energy Award last year in the category of best private enterprise: IKEA has reduced its carbon footprint by 24 per cent since 2010. By increasing energy efficiency in its global operations, IKEA has recorded savings of EUR 66 million since 2010.

“IKEA Norge has shown us that saving money on energy is just as important as making money on furniture,” said Myhre, who believes that IKEA’s ambitious targets can help inspire more companies to pursue more ambitious targets as well. “At IKEA, they are continuing to challenge themselves by setting goals that may seem impossible, but we see them achieve those goals time and again, because it forces them to be innovative,” said Mr Myhre.

Elected officials need to keep up

Last year’s winner in the category of best public enterprise was the municipal-owned Kristiansand Eiendom, which received the award for their work on energy conservation. The municipality has implemented an energy efficiency project for 125 buildings, and has reduced energy consumption by 30 per cent since 2006.

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Kristiansand municipality won the LOS Energy Award 2015 in the category of best public enterprise: From 2006 to 2014, the municipality has experienced annual savings of 15 GWh. The goal is 20 GWh by 2018.

“Municipal politicians need to wake up and ensure that their own municipalities both contribute to these environmental efforts and that they inspire the local business community. In addition, they need to be smart in how they use public money. Kristiansand Eiendom is innovative and deserves all possible credit,” said Mr Myhre, who is now looking for new candidates for the LOS Energy Award 2016. Both public and private organisations can be nominated for the award until 10 November.