Odfjell Eiendom

Entro creates added value for Odfjell Eiendom through cooperation with bachelor’s students from Bergen University College

The students, Gard Morken and Ørjan Fosen, from the Energy Technology Programme at Bergen University College, have written a bachelor’s thesis for Entro throughout the spring of 2016. The thesis concerned how the energy monitoring system (EMS) in commercial buildings can be used as an aid for energy consultants. Two of Odfjell Eiendom’s buildings in Bergen are analysed with a focus on energy-saving measures in the thesis. The students have prepared a list of measures to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings. This is by means of inspections, interviews with operators, as well as analyses from the energy monitoring and decision support system, Optima Energy. The students also applied their practical experience from Odfjell Eiendom’s buildings to commercial buildings in general in Norway, and the potential energy savings and decision support provided by the EMS system.

“This cooperation has been useful for us and gives us a good basis for further work with increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings”, says Helge Nygård, a property manager at Odfjell Eiendom.

Sofie Osbeck, who has been Entro’s advisor to the students, says that she agrees with Nygård, and adds “Involving the students and giving them work experience is something that we at Entro are proud to be able to do. This is something we do in all of our branch offices, and this has been extra important to us in Bergen, since we are such a newly established branch office of Entro. We consider the cooperation with Bergen University College to be a success, and we envision offering similar tasks in the years to come as well.”

The students themselves are also satisfied with how they carried out the task and the results they have achieved. “Working with a real case in which the results are actually useful to an enterprise, was very motivating for writing the thesis”, says Ørjan Fosen. “The thesis has given us work experience and insight into how future employers work,” Gard Morken adds.