Omsorgsbygg chose Entro’s energy monitoring system

On Friday, 1 April, Omsorgsbygg signed an agreement with Entro AS for the Optima energy monitoring system. Good functionality and a high degree of user-friendliness were important criteria, Omsorgsbygg writes on its website.

Optima is Norway’s most used energy monitoring system and provides control of individual buildings.

To ensure that Omsorgsbygg receives a system that monitors energy in a good way, they chose “competitive negotiation” as their form of procurement. They have ensured a qualified choice, says Property Director Kjetil Maalø Myklebust at Omsorgsbygg.

“The negotiation round has given good insight into the various companies and the systems they offer, and we are very satisfied with the choice of a supplier.”

Ole Anders Fiskum, who is responsible at Entro, believes that the focus that Omsorgsbygg is placing now on energy and the environment is testimony of both financial and environmental responsibility. For an actor such as Omsorgsbygg, with a large volume of buildings (approximately 800,000 m2), good energy monitoring will provide a significant savings potential in both kWh and money. In addition, it is of great environmental importance.

Implementation work starts now

The implementation work will start immediately. It will be possible for the employees of Omsorgsbygg to start using the system this spring. A need-adapted training programme will be offered to most of the employees of Omsorgsbygg this spring.

“We believe that the energy monitoring system will be of good benefit in everyday working life, and that it will be a tool that contributes to Omsorgsbygg achieving their ambitious environmental goals,” says Myklebust.