Rejlers and Entro enter a partnership agreement

Rejlers and Entro enter a partnership agreement

The engineering consultancy firm Rejlers and the energy and environmental specialist Entro have entered a partnership agreement.

Strategic cooperation to boost the energy efficiency of buildings, industry and infrastructure.
The partnership agreement will strengthen both companies’ impact in the market as energy and environmental consultants specialising in buildings, industry and infrastructure in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Entro is already a market leader in improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings in Norway and Rejlers has long experience providing consultancy services in this field in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

  • “The environment, climate and economics go hand in hand. The companies are now introducing a unique partnership between two leading players in energy efficiency, which will put them in a position to be able to implement large-scale projects in the Nordic market,” said Morten Thorkildsen, CEO of Rejlers Norge. “Together, we can now help our customers maximise the benefits of increasing their energy efficiency,” he continued. “We are increasingly able to collect more and more data, which allows us to identify and implement smart measures – not just in terms of individual buildings, but right down to every single room and installation in the building. This represents a huge potential for making a positive impact on the climate and our environment, and also represents significant cost savings. Green initiatives also make good financial sense!”
  • “There is an enormous potential in terms of reducing energy use in buildings and industry, and the Paris Agreement is forcing us to do something about it. Entro has a database documenting 30 million square metres of building space and we can analyse an annual consumption of 5,700 Gigawatt hours. In terms of annual energy costs, this represents NOK 4 billion for our customers. Those who focus on cost control and reducing their consumption achieved surprisingly significant results for themselves, for their customers and for the environment,” said Børge Nilssen, CEO of Entro AS. Through this partnership with Rejlers, Entro will strengthen our position as the market leader in our field here in Norway, and Entro gain market access for our products and services in Sweden and Finland. Together with Rejlers, we will be in an even better position to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint,” concluded Børge Nilssen.
  • “Rejlers is looking forward to working with Entro. Together, we will have access to unique expertise and modern technology that will enable us to take on all kinds of customers and large geographic areas across national boundaries,” said Morten Thorkildsen.

About Entro

Entro provides products and services in the energy and environmental consultancy sector, and is the leader in its field in Norway. At time of signing the agreement, Entro has 52 employees and offices in Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen.

About Rejlers

Rejlers is a Nordic group offering engineering consultancy services to customers in the fields of Building and property, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure. The group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and had a turnover of SEK 1.9 billion in 2015. Rejlers has 2,000 employees in the Nordic region of which approximately 380 are in Norway. Visit for more information.

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