This year’s Christmas at Entro

Entro Trondheim

An untraditional Christmas gift to young people. Entro’s volunteers, represented here by (from the left) Maria Westman (Entro), Tore K. Sørgjerd (Entro), Marita Hoel Fossen (General Manager of the Sør-Trøndelag Red Cross and the Trondheim Red Cross), Magnus Henning (Entro) and Geir Tore Hansen (Entro).
This year, the employees at Entro’s office in Trondheim have chosen to lend a helping hand to the Red Cross youth centre initiative “Fellesverket”, a meeting place for young people between the ages of 15 and 25. The goal of Fellesverket is to be a safe place for young people in the centre of Trondheim. There are opportunities here to participate in activities organised by the Red Cross or youth groups, or play pool, soccer, air hockey or video games – or sew, bake, talk, etc.

Entro has, for example, contributed by laying the floor, painting the walls and other physical labour – and it has also given the Red Cross various furnishings and fixtures that the young people who will be using Fellesverket have requested. The Red Cross has really impressed with its volunteers and created at the same time strong ties to Entro for the future. This has been a very rewarding event.

Entro AS

True to tradition, Entro AS has also given a Christmas present to a relief organisation that contributes to making the world a better place for the many who need it. This year the Christmas present was a donation of NOK 25,000 to SOS Children’s Villages.

Entro wishes all our customers and other associates a very merry Christmas and a good New Year!