Welcome to Entroseminaret October 16 and 17

Last year’s seminar was a success, as over a hundred consultants, property owners and facility managers attended the event held in Oslo October 17 and 18 The theme was property operational management in light of the Paris Agreement and Stortinget’s goals on 10 TWh consumption reduction. Problems concerning power usage (Watt) and how this affects energy consumption in buildings were also a subject of interest at last year’s seminar.

Once again Entro has the pleasure of welcoming you to attend this year’s seminar, Entroseminaret 2018, in Trondheim October 16 and 17 specifically at Scandic Nidelven.

Today we are faced with major innovative developments in facility operations and maintenance. Self Learning Technology, Smart Grid and new billing solutions for energy invoices, among others. How does these developments align with the goals for reaching a low-emitting society? And also: How will this innovative progression affect our working situation?

As one of Norway’s leading consulting firms in energy and environmient, we urge you to join us on a journey through sustainability and digitalization, and how this concerns future facility operations and maintenance.

Welcome to Entroseminaret 2018!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Erlend Johnsen.

Photo: MIR/Snøhetta