Our proprietary energy monitoring system Entro Optima

Optima is Norway’s largest database of information on energy consumption, with details about more than 30 million square metres of office space and industrial buildings throughout Scandinavia. This enables us to work based on actual facts and documented results.

The information we collect forms the basis for implementing operational measures, technical improvements and other services. This information includes documentation related to e.g. energy consumption, waste streams, carbon footprint and finances.

Entro Optima gives you a comprehensive overview of factors related to energy consumption, the environment and waste management. Entro Optima functions as a decision support tool for building owners, managers, grid operators and power suppliers.

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Entro Optima Modules

Entro Optima Energy

An energy monitoring system is your most important tool for getting your energy consumption under control. Optima Energy is Norway’s most used energy monitoring system, and it gives you control over individual meters, buildings and building portfolios. Optima Energy puts both operating personnel and building owners in control!

Entro Optima Finance

Optima Finance collates information on meters, technical installations and building space with all the data concerning your energy subscription, grid tariffs, power prices, invoiced energy consumption and costs. This provides a simple, effective overview of the financial aspects of your energy consumption. Combined with Entro’s accounting services, Optima Finance gives you full control over your energy costs.

Entro Optima Waste

Optima Waste is our unique waste monitoring system, which allows you to register waste volumes (including individual waste fractions), origin and date, so that you can keep track of your waste and recycling rate. Optima Waste provides you with multi-tiered reports and gives you a tool that you can use to monitor waste volumes with a view to making improvements, generating savings and improving environmental reporting.

Entro Optima Environment (greenhouse gas emissions)

Optima Environment can automatically calculate your enterprise’s greenhouse gas emissions based on the data entered in the energy, waste and transport modules. This tool allows you to monitor your emissions over time, see how you are doing relative to previous years, how you are doing relative to savings targets, and you can also see the effect of the measures you implement.

Entro Optima Industry

Optima Industry is a specially developed module adapted to assist with daily operational decision-making and the strategic objectives for energy monitoring in the manufacturing industry. The ways it displays information have been adapted to the industry’s needs in terms of monitoring production and energy. It offers flexible integration solutions that allow you to retrieve data from your existing production-related systems. In combination with Optima Energy, Optima Industry represents an excellent opportunity for you to implement a comprehensive energy monitoring solution – both for production lines and buildings.

Entro Optima Report

The significance of the data you collect can often be seen through the quality of the reports that you can generate. Entro Optima provides excellent reporting opportunities, and with Optima Report, you can customise your reports based on the needs of your organisation with just a few keystrokes.

Entro EffEn

EffEn is an energy monitoring solution developed for energy companies so that they can offer their customers better control of their energy consumption. Many of Norway’s leading energy companies are already enjoying the benefits of Entro EffEn.