Outsourcing to our services make your enterprise more profitable

An enterprise has many tasks in terms of energy and environmental management. These tasks are both labour-intensive and technically challenging. That’s why many of our customers choose to entrust this work to Entro. It is a profitable choice. Entro’s “quantity training”, expertise and experience enables us to get the job done better and more efficiently.

Outsourcing services

Active energy monitoring

To help you keep your energy use under control, our consultants will monitor your consumption on a weekly basis. We have many years of experience from thousands of buildings. We can quickly detect non-conformities and implement measures so that your operating organisation can fix the problem and you can save energy costs.

Active waste monitoring

Customers who implement our energy programme will gain control of their energy use and, within 3–4 years, will experience a 15–30 per cent reduction in their consumption compared with initial values. We adapt our energy programme to the needs of each individual customer so that you can implement the necessary measures to get your energy costs under control and effectively reduce your energy consumption.

Installation administration

Keeping track of all your electricity meters when tenants move out and in of premises in your building can be quite a challenge. It can pay to outsource the job of administering your installations to Entro. We take care of all communication with your suppliers and make sure that you avoid any costly delivery obligations.

Calculating tenant energy costs

Calculating the correct energy costs for your tenants can be difficult. Entro has systems to ensure that this is done correctly, regardless of whether consumption has been measured or not. Most tenants see it as an advantage when a neutral third party is responsible for calculating energy costs.

Financial monitoring

Entro supplies you with an energy budget and monitors your energy costs throughout the year. We make sure that your energy invoices are paid on time and that the necessary provisions are set aside prior to closing the annual accounts.