Entro works with 25 of the 100 largest companies in Norway, and has customers in all market segments

The desire to reduce energy costs and establish the best possible environmental profile is a goal shared by all our customers. Here it makes little difference whether you are a building owner, property manager or a tenant. We see that this is true whether your buildings are used for commercial purposes, public administration or industrial production. According to Statistics Norway, commercial buildings in Norway consume around 29 TWh – 29 billion kilowatt-hours – per year. At Entro, we have found that this is 20% to 30% too much, and our view is supported by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Enova and SINTEF. In other words, Norwegian businesses that use commercial buildings overpay for their energy by at least NOK 5 billion annually – not because electricity prices are too high, but because the buildings are not optimised with respect to energy consumption. At Entro, we have honed our expertise on commercial buildings, public buildings and industrial activities.

Below you can read more about some of the assignments we have performed.

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Aberdeen Asset Management

Like many other property managers, Aberdeen Asset Management has established Corporate Social Responsibility as part of its corporate profile – quite simply because it is now cost-effective to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.



In 2014 Europris launched an energy savings programme designed by Entro. Entro monitors 200 stores using the Optima Energi energy monitoring system.