Balder focuses on energy efficiency

Balder launched a bidding round to select a new energy monitoring partner in the autumn of 2013, with a view to strengthening their efforts to cut energy consumption. Unfortunately, none of the bids that were submitted adequately satisfied Balder’s criteria. “We didn’t think the systems that were presented in the bidding round were interesting enough, so when we heard that Entro had entered the Swedish market, we contacted them directly to ask for a presentation,” said Veronica Yverås, Energy Manager at Fastighets AB Balder.

No concrete alternatives

Yverås noticed that Entro’s solution, Entro Optima, really stood out from the other alternatives they saw during the bidding round. “Entro Optima is more professional and user friendly. Entro Optima presents energy data in a simple and intuitive way, which makes it easier to use that information to reduce energy consumption.”

More than just a software application

Ms Yverås describes Entro Optima as a modern energy analysis tool. “Entro is not mired down in old-school procedures and techniques. Instead, they are helping to define the future of energy monitoring. Our environmental policy, which includes reducing our energy consumption, led us to choose Entro. Now we expect to find more profitable ways to save energy, based on concrete data from the metering network we are in the process of setting up.”

Planning to expand the customer relationship

Marie Tibblin is Managing Director of Entro AB. She hopes to be able to expand Entro’s cooperation with Fastighets AB Balder moving forward. “Eventually, we aim to be an active energy consultant for Balder, just as we already are for most of our customers. Our energy consultants can help companies achieve the truly significant, long-term savings that will reduce costs for the company for years to come.”

Entro Optima stands on its own

“Bidding rounds like this prove that our software is the best on the market. The reason is that it has been developed by our energy consultants, and not by pure software developers. Consequently, a dedicated focus on energy permeates the entire application. Entro’s consultants have acquired years of knowledge and solid data from 27 million square metres of building space throughout Scandinavia. They know what the software needs to record and produce for users to be able to generate results based on metered values,” said Tibblin.