Rockwool is a global leader in insulation and a major consumer of energy. Enormous amounts of energy, in the form of coke, gas and electricity, are used to manufacture the world’s best insulation. Rockwool’s factory in Trondheim needed to implement an energy management system certified to the ISO 50001 standard.

With excellent support from Enova, Rockwool embedded an energy monitoring system and an efficient metering structure to provide the data basis required to draw up an action list. There proved to be much to gain from optimising energy consumption. Profitable measures were implemented immediately, while support was available from Enova to realise unprofitable measures that offered major environmental gains.

As a result of this process, monitoring of energy consumption is now as important a part of daily operations as HSE monitoring. This was exactly the intention, and systematic energy management has been proven to generate major savings that flow straight through to the factory’s bottom line.